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Wednesday, 30 November 2005

Yet another transactions post

  • JDM: RAOK!
    1. RealToy New Mini Cooper, custom red
  • civicboy: RAOK!
    1. JoyCity New Mini Cooper, red, 1:72
  • seal_23: PAID Php420.
    1. Yat-Ming New Mini Coopers, red, blue and yellow, 1:72
  • McBeeper23: PAID Php900.
    1. Vitesse Austin Mini, white
    2. Vitesse Morris Mini, green
    3. Mini Collection keychain
    4. Welly New Mini
    5. RAOK! RealToy New Mini, yellow
  • A+: PAID
    1. Acrylic cases, 5 pieces Php400.
    2. Widea four-pack 1:87 Mini Coopers, with flag roof Php500.
  • ajie: PAID Php160.
    1. 05 HW Realistix Buick Riviera, K-Mart variant
  • edkny: PAID Php200.
    1. RealX New Mini, UK flag roof, blue
  • epsrosal: PAID Php700.
  • lecky: Selling Php960
    1. AUTOart keychain, chrome
    2. TL yellow
    3. MBX blue
    4. HW 2004 FE C6 Corvette
    5. HW 2004 Autonomicals Sol-Aire

Wednesday, 2 November 2005

Welly, Motormax, Hotwheels, Matchbox, Cararama, JL, Fastlane

Welly Limited Edition Arizona Diamondbacks New Mini

Motormax Austin Mini

Matchbox Mini Cooper S, striped bonnet

Matchbox Mini Cooper S, striped bonnet - RAOK from Noypi

Johnny Lightning 2005 Lightning Strike

Hot Wheels 2003 Hall of Fame Greatest Rides New Mini

Hot Wheels 2005 Open Stock

Cararama Rally Mini Cooper

Fastlane Austin Mini and New Mini

More photos here in my Flickr photo set.