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Tuesday, 19 July 2005

Taking care of my diecast acrylic display case

Just got me a 24-car acrylic display case from Mopar over at the forum.

Mopar, aka Jun Sanchez (contact details here) is a cool guy; very skilled, too, and it shows in his products. Photos over here. He emailed me a guide on taking care of the display case, which follows:


  1. Dust should first be removed with a soft-bristled brush.
  2. Use a clean damp cloth to wipe off dirt; never use tissue or toilet paper -- they will produce hairline scratches on the acrylic's surface. Don't air-dry or water marks will be left on the surface. Wipe dry with another soft dry cloth.
  3. A soft cloth saturated in kerosene can be safely used to remove adhesive residue (from Scotch or masking tapes).
  4. To avoid leaving fingerprints on the doors (when opening and closing), use a suction cup instead of your bare finger/s. You don't have to totally suck the suction cup onto the door, just use a part of it to move the doors sideways.


  1. Never place the case where it will be exposed to intense direct sunlight. This will produce hairline cracks on the acrylic in the long-term.
  2. The rubber tires of ALL Tomica Limited (TL)™ cars "poison" the acrylic and will produce unsightly white marks on the acrylic two to three months after they have been continously placed in the case. To avoid this, place strips of Scotch (clear) tape onto the spot where the wheels will be positioned. Wheels of some Hongwell/Cararama® cars also produce the same ugly marks. (Mopar) has not encountered this problem with the rubber tires all other cars, e.g. 100% Hot Wheels®.


Mopar writes: "Accidents do happen. In case a part of the case detaches, NEVER attempt to repair or reglue it with Mighty Bond® or any other similar-type glue; I think they're called 'cryanoacrylate' glue. They also poison, even melt, the acrylic. Just inform me and I'll repair your case free of charge.

"Lastly, and this is important, the case you got from me is a DISPLAY CASE NOT A CARRYING CASE. It is intended to be placed, more or less permanently, in a certain location within your home or workplace. My case can only take so much, and filling it with cars and carrying it around, say, during swap meets, is not one of them."

Enjoy your case and happy hunting!

For more information, contact Mopar / Jun Sanchez at +63 (916) 292 0869 or email him <[email protected]>.

Alternating rows to accommodate longer 1:64 diecast cars.

Holds 36 1:64 diecast cars.

Holds six cars in a mirrored setup so the front, rear and both sides of the cars can be viewed.

The tri-mirrored case in action.

Holds 36 carded Hotwheels® cars.

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