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Sunday, 6 February 2005

Setting limits

I'm overspeeding here, I think I need to take a break.

My collecting is doing great, but I'm having this compulsive tendency to buy items that "look good", veering me off my favored toys.

So, I've been thinking up my strategy, trying to set limits on what I'll be acquiring in the next few months. Here goes:

  • Rally-type Minis. I'm really fascinated by the history of the Mini, so I'll go for these.
  • "Good-looking" Tomicas. There I go again. Of course, I haven't sworn off Tomicas -- I started with those. Right now, I'll try to just get GT-types, buses and trucks, plus the occasional heavy equipment.
  • Muscle cars. Old school or modern, what the heck. My son has taken to liking these, so there's my excuse.

Man, talk about focusing! I. Can't. Do. It!!! Anyway, it'll still be Minis for me. The others are just "occasionals". I hope I can hold on to this commitment.

Better yet, I need to back off for a while. After I've paid my remaining pending items, I think I'll lay low a bit. <Crosses fingers.>

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